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Decline from June High Mirrors Price Action from May

Canadian Dollar Talking Points USD/CAD appears to be mirroring the price action from last month as it quickly pulls back from a fresh yearly high (1.3079), and the exchange rate …

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Clear US response on China tariffs is coming soon – Bloomberg

“A clear US response on China tariffs is coming soon,” said US Deputy Commerce Secretary Don Graves in a Bloomberg TV interview. The diplomat also mentioned that the US will …


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Lira Weakens as Corporates Keep Buying Dollars Despite New Rule By Bloomberg

© Bloomberg. An electronic board displays exchange rates information at a currency exchange bureau in Istanbul, Turkey, on Friday, June 24, 2022. Tourism arrivals in May surged 308% year-on-year, boosting …

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3 Reasons Traders Are Excited for Nano Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin is the first, most popular, and most highly valued cryptocurrency. However, traders know there are limitations trading the actual currency such as the lack of a regulated trading exchange, …


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